About Health Environment Art Services

Healthcare Art Programs, art-for-healing, art in the healing environment, evidence-based healing art programs… the list of labels goes on and on. But no matter what you call it, art in the healthcare setting has “come into its own” as an essential, creative, and therapeutic part of the overall hospital and healing experience. 

And we say “It’s about time!”

With over 25 years of partnering with hospitals, healthcare systems, medical office complexes, ambulatory care centers, nursing homes and all manner of healing environment and healthcare-related facilities and organizations; Health Environment Art Services is the premier art consulting company working exclusively within the healthcare industry. Our highly-trained and evidence-based design accredited consulting staff has over 150 combined years experience and has successfully completed close to 10,000 individual healthcare art programs to-date. And they are still going strong. We continue to learn from each experience, searching for ways to make your healthcare art program a unique reflection of your values and mission.

Patented Glass Marker Boards

Created specifically for the demanding healthcare environment, our innovative new patented patient room marker boards are the answer you have been looking for as a long-term solution for clean, clear communication of information. These artistic boards can be fully customized to meet all the various needs for sharing medical information with patients, staff and visitors. The unique design of the Communicare Board provides artwork, branding, and patient care messaging all in one. Please click the find out more button for more information.

Company Events at Health Environment Art Services

Our philosophy towards creating your healthcare art program is simple - We listen to you.

Whether it's art for the lobby and waiting areas, patient rooms, corridors, emergency department, women’s services, labor and delivery, imaging and diagnostics; or all-of-the-above, we listen to your voice, guiding where needed and never imposing our “look” onto your unique art program. Your needs, your vision, and your goals are what matter to us. A successful healthcare art program is one that is on-time, within budget, and creates a special healing environment supportive of patients, staff, and visitors. 

Company Outing Framers and Art Consultants

Because of our experience in healthcare art consulting, we work seamlessly with healthcare interior designers, architects, contractors and the various other professionals serving the healthcare industry. Many of our healthcare artwork consultants come from interior design, art and healthcare backgrounds themselves, making a healthcare art learning curve practically non-existent. 

Team Building

Likewise, our experience within the artwork industry is unparalleled, allowing us to bring all manner of creative solutions to the table for your healthcare art program. Rotating art programs, history walls, murals storytelling features, and local artist  showcases are just a few of the options we can explore with you.

From the budget-conscious to the award-winning – we want to help you put your best face forward! We will work with you to make your healthcare art program come alive, promote healing, and reflect you and your community.

Custom Printing

Why Work With Us?

Unlike our competitors, quality is what we offer. Many art consulting companies have limitations to their printing capabilities, genre of art, or available art mediums. Our design department has multiple large state-of-the-art printers which have the ability to print up to 60 inches wide on many materials. From ready to hang framed poster prints, framed and unframed canvas, custom wood panels, floating acrylic, metal fabrications, glass pieces, ceramic or cloth tapestries, - the possibilities are endless. We at Corporate Artworks believe in regularly supporting local artists with announcing call for artists and community based commissioned projects. Not only can our art consultants help make your space a breathtaking one, but also a truly unique one. 


Memberships & Certifications

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