Our Services

Our staff, our services and our focus is on creating healthcare art programs that: respect the interior design of your project; reflect your community and area and; utilize local, regional and national resources in the best interest of your project.  Our portfolio of client-focused healthcare art services includes in part:  

  • Consulting and Design Services
  • Master Planning and Artwork Placement Services
  • Budget and Resource Allocation Services
  • Local and Nationwide Art Sourcing and Procurement Services
  • Organization and Outreach for Local Artist Showcases
  • Site Specific Art Commissions 
  • Local and National Project Management Services
  • Custom In-House Framing Facility
  • Nationwide Installation Services
  • Asset Management Services and Documentation

Health Environment Art Services believes an art program makes an essential contribution in the healing environment, providing inspiration and positive distractions for patients, staff and caregivers. Our EDAC (Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification) certified Art Consultants utilize their skills and knowledge in all their art programs to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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