Book Recommendation – Place Advantage

by | Mar 25, 2022 | Art Consultant, Evidence Based Design

Book Recommendation – Place Advantage

Place Advantage Book

Applied Psychology for Interior Architecture

Using psychology to develop spaces that enrich the human experience

Place design matters. Everyone perceives the world around them in a slightly different way, but there are fundamental laws that describe how people experience their physical environments. Place science principles can be applied in homes, schools, stores, restaurants, workplaces, healthcare facilities, and the other spaces people inhabit. This guide to person-centered place design shows architects, landscape architects, interior designers, and other interested individuals how to develop spaces that enrich human experience using concepts derived from rigorous qualitative and quantitative research. In-Place Advantage: Applied Psychology for Interior Architecture, applied environmental psychologist Sally Augustin offers design practitioners accessible environmental psychological insights into how elements of the physical environment influence human attitudes and behaviors. She introduces the general principles of place science and shows how factors such as colors, scents, textures, and the spatial composition of a room, as well as personality and cultural identity, impact the experience of a place. These principles are applied to multiple building types, including residences, workplaces, healthcare facilities,  schools, and retail spaces. Building a bridge between research and design practice, Place Advantage gives people designing and using spaces the evidence-based information and psychological insight to create environments that encourage people to work effectively, learn better, get healthy, and enjoy life.

About the Author

Sally Augustin, Ph.D., is a practicing environmental psychologist as well as the Editor of Research Design Connections. She has worked with major organizations to integrate important psychological considerations into the design of places and products and has presented her work at international psychology and design-related conferences. A graduate of Wellesley College, Northwestern University (MBA), and Claremont Graduate University (Ph.D.), Augustin is also regularly invited to speak at schools and research institutions and on  National Public Radio and Voice America radio programs. Learn more about using environmental psychology at Sally’s Web sites, (for residential applications) and

Note from Health Environment Art Services

We have personally worked with Dr. Sally Augustin on a number of projects over the years.  From corporate spaces to healthcare her insight, experiences and research are not only an incredibly useful tool but also essential in some spaces. Combining our companies art consultants forces with Dr. Augustin’s input is nothing less than a complete success! Our sister company Corporate Artworks has also used Dr. Augustin’s services on numerous projects. You can purchase this book here: