The Benefits of Wall Graphics in Healthcare Environments

by | Dec 20, 2021 | Art Benefits, Wall Graphics

The benefits of wall graphics within our artwork programs for healthcare settings have become one of the fastest-growing trends. It’s not hard at all to see why. An enlarged image or text can look amazing on a wall. Wall graphics are versatile and can be a beautiful focal point in an area that has a lot of space or in a long narrow hallway where there may not be room for framed artwork. Wall graphics/ coverings are now available in so many different materials including those that can withstand the need to be bleached or sanitized.

The Benefits of Wall Graphics In Healthcare Environments - Health Environment Art Services


“It’s also important to consider that healthcare environments tend to experience abuse from cart traffic and aggressive cleaning protocols. Designers should seek the owner’s input about locating certain substrates in challenging locations and testing surfaces with environmental services staff. Many custom-printed substrates, like vinyl wall covering and resin, will withstand bleach cleaning, but it’s important to know in advance. Another option is to sandwich an image between two layers of more durable material, such as glass if cleaning chemicals are a concern.” (Blake)

The Art Consultants at Health Environment Art Services will work with your project manager and staff to ensure durability concerns and find an image or custom graphic design that will fit your needs as well as your budget. We have Graphic Designers on staff that can help create a design as well as an extensive library of imagery such as natural landscapes to choose from. HEAS has completed many projects featuring wall graphics and we know that we can help you with your needs too!

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Carolyn Fleetwood Blake, Simplifying Supergraphics In Healthcare Environments