Featured Mount Prospect Public Library Installations

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Art Consultant

Mount Prospect Public Library Installations

We are happy to announce “Butterflies” by artist Priscilla Robinson and “A Gathering at Dusk” by Greg Grove is open for viewing at the Mount Prospect Public Library. These brightly colored handmade paper pieces bring positive energy to the space. This is one of the multiple installation projects we have completed for the library over the years. Their growing collection is enjoyed by the many patrons that frequent the library and is perfect for the spaces they are featured in. Our design team provides a high level of creativity, project leadership, industry knowledge, innovative solutions, and customer service. We see your space for what it could be. Let us help you transform your space today. Contact info: Chicago Office (Corp Headquarters):(847) 843-3636 Email: Denise@corporateartworks.com Nashville Office:(615) 224-3091 or contact us
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