Art of Healing

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Art Benefits, Art Healing

Art of Healing

Healthcare design over the last few decades has changed dramatically, and we can all agree it’s for the better. Long gone are the days of seeing hospitals with halls that were once plain and dull are now being filled with bright colors featuring artwork that not only awe visitors but also has the power to heal and calm observers.

The professional Art Consultants at Health Environment Art Services are experts in using evidence-based designs just like this in their artwork programs. Whether it’s a floor to ceiling theme for a children’s hospital, framed art for an Oncology practice, or whimsical wall graphics in a maternity ward. We have completed large projects featured in brand-new state-of-the-art healthcare facilities that are over 1 million square feet.

The precision and practice doctors strive to have in their work ethic is something we too endeavor to use in every new project or challenge that comes our way. Working side by side with your architect or project manager to help make the vision of the finished space come to life is what we love best about what we do.

We would like to share this videoThe Art of Healing at UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay” which explains in wonderful detail how the artists who participated in the art projects at UCSF Medical Center felt about what it was they were doing to improve the spaces around them with their art.

Please note HEAS did not have any participation in this project but this is just a great example of similar art programs we have completed with other healthcare facilities. To see projects that we have completed in other healthcare environments please click here.

To contact us for more information regarding how we can help you and your facility with your art programs, please feel free to send us an email or give us a call (847) 843-3636